What is nora?

nora is the official emergency call app of the German federal states. 

nora connects you directly with the responsible police, fire brigade and rescue service emergency control centres – just like calling 110 or 112.

Who is nora intended for?

Anyone who needs rapid assistance in an emergency situation anywhere in Germany can use the emergency call app. 

nora is particularly useful for people who cannot use or have difficulty using the telephone, for instance on account of a speech or hearing impairment, or because their German language skills are not advanced enough to enable them to communicate reliably via telephone. 

nora is structured so that users can send an emergency call with the most important information even if they know little German and without having to speak. Icons and symbols, clear texts and an intuitive user interface make it easy.

What are the advantages of nora?

Emergency call without speech

nora makes it possible for people to make an emergency call themselves even if they can’t call the emergency numbers.

This makes the emergency call app equivalent to voice emergency calling for people with hearing or speech impairments.

Location determination

nora is also useful when you don’t know exactly where you are. 

The app uses the geolocation function of your mobile device to determine the location of the emergency and automatically sends this to the responsible emergency control centre.

Chat-based communication

nora lets you communicate with the emergency control centre via a text-based chat. However, the emergency control centre will also send help even if you don’t use the chat.

Silent emergency call

nora can also be used in situations in which the emergency call needs to remain unnoticed. 

That is why the app comes with a silent emergency call function for threatening situations.