How does nora work?

nora is an app for mobile devices that you can use on your smartphone (Android or iOS). 

The app connects you with the police, fire brigade and rescue service emergency control centres. 

Before you can use nora to make an emergency call, you first need to register.

Whether via phone or app: the emergency control centres respond to every emergency call. So as not to delay or impair the handling of real emergencies unnecessarily, we need to prevent the app from being used when no direct emergency exists as much as possible. 

Thus, the registration process includes a verification of your telephone number. This enables us to track intentional violations of the nora terms of service using the telephone number.

Registration and personal information

You need a mobile phone number to register. We send an SMS with a confirmation code to this number. As soon as you have entered your name and the confirmation code, you can use nora to make emergency calls. 

To obtain the fastest possible help in an emergency, we recommend that you download the app right now and register right after installing. This will save valuable time in an emergency situation. 

Once you have registered, you can also store personal information directly in the app – such as your age, any pre-existing conditions or disabilities. This can enable responders to optimally prepare for your emergency.

All optional personal information that you enter in the app (date of birth, gender, pre-existing conditions, disabilities, other information) is initially only stored locally on your mobile device. 

When you send an emergency call, we only pass on the information that is necessary for the specific case.

Thus, medical data on pre-existing conditions are only transmitted to the responders for medical emergencies that affect you personally.

Emergency call sequence

In an emergency, the emergency call app nora lets you send an emergency call with just a few steps.

Emergency location

For each emergency, your location is determined using your mobile device and transmitted to the responsible emergency control centre along with your emergency call. You can manually change the emergency location if the app did not identify this correctly, or if the emergency happened elsewhere.

Nature of emergency

nora lets you contact both the police and fire and rescue services. The types of responder you need are determined using a chain of no more than five questions, which you answer by tapping the best option.


Once the emergency call is sent, you are connected via the chat function directly to a staff member of the emergency control centre. This lets you provide additional information about the emergency or ask questions. Also, the emergency control centre can use the chat to ask follow-up questions to understand the nature of your emergency situation even better. However, responders are also dispatched even if you don’t use the chat.

Detailed instructions for making an emergency call with your nora app


Do you have any questions about the technical prerequisites, saving your data or the functions of the emergency call app nora? The FAQ page contains answers to the most frequently asked questions about nora. 

Just give it a try.

Do you want to know exactly how nora works so that you’re ready for any emergency? 

The demo mode lets you practice using the app and make a test emergency call. Everything works exactly like a real emergency call – except that no alarm is sent to the emergency control centre. You can start demo mode in the menu (☰). Give it a try!

Due to new organisational requirements that make a technical revision necessary, nora is currently not available in the app stores.